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Opening up Commissions on Friday

Posted by savageshark - August 2nd, 2021

Hi everyone.

High time to update the journal.

So first: It is AUGUST, which means it's the month of KrAM: Krystal Appreciation Month.  That's right the month of Krystal is happening once again.
Personally, I think we can all blame Yawg for letting the sexy blue tribal nymphomaniac into both our bedroom fantasies and our lives. Possibly also our dakimakaras and 3d printed busts. 

In serious: I will accept any commission, be it for KrAM or Regular.
HOWEVER, there are couple things I want too point out. 

Firstly, I will open my Commission flood gates, so to speak, this Friday (Aug 6). Reason: I'm very close to finishing personal projects. This is important for me, as I never get the chance to do any personal art after working through a busy commission que.
Next: KrAM related commissions will take priority, so they can all be finished in the month. 
Finally: Regular, non-KrAM comms will be at the bottom of the work list, so that KrAM can be done and ready first.

So this will give everyone a chance too give me their life savings for a drawing. That includes whatever you're saving for that looming college debt.
*eye balling that jar of money on your shelf* (only joking, you should totally pay your debts).

BUT, in all serious.  Thank you all once again for continued interest in commissioning me. Both to draw your characters and ideas. <3.

As always I'll post up a link to the Commissions Form for filling out.
If you have questions about my prices, a character, or anything else you're always welcome to ask me about it.  

FAIR WARNING: I realized some folks have filled out the form while I was closed. Sadly, I won't accept it and I'll have to delete it. It's nothing personal, but I gotta be fair to everyone else here. 

Once again, My Commissions will be opening this Friday (August 6). If you have questions feel free to ask.

Thank you all once again and stay in good health.

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