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Closing in on Commissions & Plans for Next month

Posted by savageshark - May 22nd, 2022

Giving an update for this month.

I am down to the last of the paid commissions, including those for Jenny Appreciation Month (JAM). I'll be uploading everything once it is officially 'finish'.  Including much of what I have been meaning to share since TFF.  
I'm also working on a few stories, that I'll share once they're finished. I don't write a lot of NSFW themes, mostly what I write are comical, action, adventures and scifi. So you can expect some of that.
If you'd like to see what I've written before, check out my SoFurry.

Much of the Real Life stuff is finally settling down. It's just putting things back into place at this point and returning to normalcy at home.
Which is also what brings me to a plan for next month.
I'm going to be working on personal art again in June and July. I originally planned to attend Anthrocon 22 and possibly Furry Siesta. But with the times from Covid still lingering to a late response in reserving hotels and a con badge, I may end up skipping further conventions this year. I don't like it, but it is what it is.
I'll miss seeing my friends at the cons, certainly seeing all the amazing artists there and hanging out once more after two years hiatus. But, at this stage I need to focus more on making art I can sell for myself as well as work on projects I have wanted to accomplish.

As ever I really want to thank everyone who has been a continued support in commissioning me for art. It's been a blessing and a great opportunity for me to flex my artistic muscle and work towards building not just my confidence but also helping me find new friends along the journey.
It's still, as ever, a very bumpy ride. Riddled with self doubt, anxiety, stress and headaches. But the amount of encouragement from good friends, shared passions and continued support makes those rough moments wash away like a storm.

Sorry, for getting a bit mushy.

So, yeah in closing that is how things are going at the moment.
I'll be finishing up all my owed commissions this month, life permitting. So keep an eye out for future posts.

As ever, much love and thanks for all the continued support and encouragement from everyone.

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